Steve “USS”Cummingham “Wants to Be a 3x World Champion”



On March 17th, 2017 Steve “USS” Cunningham will step back into the ring in Reading Pennsylvania but there seems to be a problem, with who? Rumor is that no one at the moment for various reasons wants to get in the ring with the former two time  world cruiserweight champion, who right now is at the age of 40 years old and ranked 1st in the United States and 9th in the World. He is still seen as a very dangerous opponent for most boxers. So with one week away from him fighting, the public still does not know who he is facing and if Cunningham knows he isn’t saying much. It is pretty rare that when Steve Cunningham steps in the ring that he isnt the Main Event or at least the Co-Main event, but on March 17th, he won’t be either. The reason being, this is basically a tune-up fight, so that he can see where he is at mentally and physically because his last fight almost a year ago he suffered a loss.

Steve told me he has all intentions of trying to become a three time world champion and he believes he has at least 4 years left in him. When I asked him why it has been so hard finding an opponent and how it felt not being the main event or comain event his response was:

“We wanted to get some rounds in and gather ourselves this fight, my last fight which I am still angry at myself for losing and coming off of two fights I feel I won, the Glaskov and Tarver fight, that wasnt scored for me, and then Tarver fails the test, we’ve had a mentally tough past two years in the ring, so we are cool with this position, but after this it’s big things on the board.”

So after this fight next weekend, expect bigger things from Steve “USS” Cunningham, because if you thought this ship had sailed, you are completely wrong, he plans on sticking around, until he at least wins that third world title. So Cruiserweight division you have been warned. This battle ship won’t be sunk any time soon.



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