Steve “USS”Cummingham “Wants to Be a 3x World Champion”



On March 17th, 2017 Steve “USS” Cunningham will step back into the ring in Reading Pennsylvania but there seems to be a problem, with who? Rumor is that no one at the moment for various reasons wants to get in the ring with the former two time  world cruiserweight champion, who right now is at the age of 40 years old and ranked 1st in the United States and 9th in the World. He is still seen as a very dangerous opponent for most boxers. So with one week away from him fighting, the public still does not know who he is facing and if Cunningham knows he isn’t saying much. It is pretty rare that when Steve Cunningham steps in the ring that he isnt the Main Event or at least the Co-Main event, but on March 17th, he won’t be either. The reason being, this is basically a tune-up fight, so that he can see where he is at mentally and physically because his last fight almost a year ago he suffered a loss.

Steve told me he has all intentions of trying to become a three time world champion and he believes he has at least 4 years left in him. When I asked him why it has been so hard finding an opponent and how it felt not being the main event or comain event his response was:

“We wanted to get some rounds in and gather ourselves this fight, my last fight which I am still angry at myself for losing and coming off of two fights I feel I won, the Glaskov and Tarver fight, that wasnt scored for me, and then Tarver fails the test, we’ve had a mentally tough past two years in the ring, so we are cool with this position, but after this it’s big things on the board.”

So after this fight next weekend, expect bigger things from Steve “USS” Cunningham, because if you thought this ship had sailed, you are completely wrong, he plans on sticking around, until he at least wins that third world title. So Cruiserweight division you have been warned. This battle ship won’t be sunk any time soon.



Amir “Hardcore” Mansour “Wonders if he can get a Fair One”


On March 17th, 2017, Amir “Hardcore” Mansour 22(16)-2-1 will face Travis “My Time” Kauffman 31(23)-1 in Kauffman’s backyard, Reading Pennsylvania for the WBC United States (USNBC) Heavyweight title.  Mansour, has been with some of the bigger Heavyweight names in the Nation, such as Steve Cunningham, Dominic Breazeale and George Washington. Kauffman’s biggest fight to date is a split decision lost against Chris Arreola. So this is two guys trying to get the Heavyweights to take notice that they are here. I had a chance to talk with Amir Mansour today and asked him to give me a statement on the fight. He gave me a statement and told me I could ask a few questions if I like. So I took him up on his offer. Below you will find his statement and the questions I asked and at the bottom of the page you will find his audio response to my questions. This fight is the main event on a card that will be aired on Bounce Tv and you can also find it online at the show starts at 9pm eastern time. This card also features household names Steve Cunningham and Kermit Cintron.

Boxing with the Truth: Could I please get a statement about your fight with Travis Kauffman?

Amir”Harcore”Mansour: “Excited about this fight. Travis comes to rumble and so do I.” Been preparing as usual and I’m looking forward to the 17th. We will be in his backyard, on a card his father is promoting, so that is always a suspect situation when it comes to the judging. He has a pretty basic skill set but he’s a good fighter. I’am motivated and ready! Sparks will definitely fly next Friday night.

Questions that Amir Mansour was asked by the Truth:

  • What does winning this WBC United States(USNBC) Heavyweight title mean to you?
  • Do you feel that you can win a decision in Travis Kauffman’s backyard?
  • Do you think the boxing fans are underestimating how explosive of a fight this could be?
  • How has your training camp been for this fight?
  • Why should the boxing fans tune into Bounce Tv to watch this main event?

You can hear all of the answers to these questions and more in the audio link below that he sent me.

Amir “Hardcore” Mansour “Wonders if he can get a Fair One.”



The Wolverine steps into the ring on CBS Sports Network


Minnesota’s own Damion “The Wolverine ” Hill will step up onto the big stage tonight November 11, 2016, when he walks through the ropes on CBS Sports Network to face Slender Halili 11-1 at WinnaVegas Casino & Resort in Sloan, Iowa. Damion Hill is known as a MMA fighter and Boxer and no matter who they put in front of him, records and names don’t matter to him, he comes to fight. He is a crowd pleaser and puts on a good show. Support your local fighter and tune in at 11:30 pm on CBS Sports Network and watch the Wolverine go to work. #TheTruthHasSpoken


Throw Down at the Bear


This card has a great line up of talent, if you haven’t seen a boxing match live before, you don’t know what you are missing. The lights go down low, the music starts to play loud, you feel the electricity in the air, the boos and cheers go through your bones, your body gets tight, then hot, you start to sweat,  before you know it, your yelling and cheering for boxers you don’t even know and then you feel like your in the ring fighting with them your adrenaline is pumping so fast and then before you know it the lights come on and it is over. There isn’t another feeling like it. So if you haven’t experienced this, support your local boxers and others that have trained just as hard and traveled from various states to be at Black Bear Casino, Carlton, MN on November 12, 2016. Jason Litzau will return to the ring after a year layoff, to show that the American Boy still has what it takes to be on top in the Main Event. Markus “Hooch” Morris also known as the Hope of the Hillside has finally earned his shot. He will be fighting for the vacant Jr. Welterweight Minnesota State title against a very slick and crafty boxer, Jeremy McLaurin. Al  “The Haitian Temptation” Sands will step up once again against a crafty veteran who has been in the ring with some impressive boxers such as Heavyweight Champion of the World Deontay Wilder. Also on this card are some action packed boxers that never seem to disappoint, Delorian Caraway, Matt Murphy, Gilbert Venegas, Ramiro Hernandez and others. You are sure to get your monies worth of blood, sweat and maybe even a few tears, so come out to the Throw down at the Bear, I promise you, you won’t ever forget this night. #TheTruthHasSpoken

Interview with Markus “Hooch” Morris BWTT


Old Fashion Duluth Beat Down at the Bear


Well tonight’s fight card on June 11th, 2016, Battle at the Bear will feature some great talent and among them will be four of Duluth, Minnesota’s skilled boxers. Headlining the show, after almost a two year layoff will be super lightweight R.J. “T-Rex” Laase 12-2 who was suppose to fight a few months back for his return to the ring but his opponent couldn’t make the weight, so Laase continued to train and wait for his next opportunity. Now his first fight back since his loss to Rondale Hubbert almost two years ago for the Minnesota State Super Lightweight Title will be in the Main Event against a very tough opponent the Wisconsin Super Welterweight champion Benito Tovar 7-2-4. The reason for his long absence from the ring was because he chose to go back to college and finish his earning his degree. The Co-Main Event will feature Cruiserweight Al “The Haitian Temptation” Sands 16-2, who has had a great training camp with some new teammates and is excited to be stepping up against the crafty veteran “Dangerous” Damon Reed 48-18 who has been in the ring with some of the best, James Toney, Hasim Rahman, and the Heavyweight Champion of the World, Deontay Wilder. Al Sands knows to step up to the next level, he must beat Reed who is coming off of a win over undefeated Aaron Green. To get the action started for the Duluth fighters you will also see in the ring welterweight Markus “The Hope of the Hillside” Morris 8-2 taking on a crafty veteran as well. He will test his boxing skills against a guy who has seen it all, Wayne Martell 25-5-1. The newest professional boxer to come out of Duluth Cruiserweight  Ryan Watson 2-0 , will also be showcasing his talent. He was a very outstanding amateur boxer and he will be going head to head with Tommy Ray 3-1 .The rumor is that Ray called him out for this fight and this won’t be the first time they have met in the ring, their last meeting was in the amateurs, the question is what will happen when they meet as professionals for the first time.  Also some time during the night it will get Nasty. You will see Cloquet’s Lightweight Winston “Nasty Time” Anderson 4-2 returning to the ring after suffering two back to back knock outs, he is excited to show his fans what he has been working on. He has recently changed gyms and trainers and has said he feels a lot better about what has been going on with his training leading up to this fight. So make sure you don’t miss him show off his boxing skills against Aaron Ely 1-1 who is known  as an MMA/Boxer. This card features a lot more action packed boxers from other areas as well.   It is an eight bout fight card. Doors open at 6pm and fights start at 7pm. This is Jim Loons’ first show at Black Bear Casino, Carlton, MN. and hopefully the first of many. So come out and support the local talent and enjoy some great fights. You can also enjoy an interview that I recently did with Winston “Nasty Time” Anderson leading up to this fight by clicking on the link below.  #TheTruthHasSpoken

Winston Anderson “It’s Nasty Time” BWTT

Jordan Shimmell Gets Ko’d


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Jordan Shimmell 20(16)-1 is an outstanding boxer, who has had a great amateur career, he fought all over the world and in his professional career he has had the opportunity to spar with world champions and some of the best boxers out there. He is a very likable and nice guy and comes from a boxing family including his father and grandfather who are also part of his team. I have all the respect in the world for Jordan and his family, but I think tonight, May 17th at Black Bear Casino in Cartlon, MN that Jordan Shimmell will be stopped for the first time in his professional career. His opponent Murat “Iron” Gassiev 22(16)-0 from Vladikavkaz, Russia, is a knock out artist. He is a very aggressive and hungry fighter. He comes to hurt his opponent and knock them out, not just out box them. He will come forward and be in Jordan’s face the entire fight, pushing the action. I think Jordan will have to fight like he hasn’t had to fight in his professional career yet. He will be on his back foot, trying to out box Gassiev and I don’t believe that will be enough. Shimmell is a very technical boxer, strong and does have power of his own, but I think after recently being out boxed by Isiah Thomas who was a technical boxer and not very aggressive that Shimmel could be in for a short night. Shimmell is going to have to fight not just box, this fight could get nasty and dirty, and I am not sure  Shimmell can fight like that, I have seen him box but I am not sure if he can fight. This is why I believe he will be KO’d before the final bell, I think he will be pressed into a fight and that is not his comfort zone and when you are out of your comfort zone, you tend to make mistakes. If he makes a mistake tonight he will hit the canvas. As a boxing fan and a guy that knows Jordan Shimmell personally, I would love to see him win this Cruiserweight  12 round World Title Eliminator fight, but as a boxing writer, I just think he is about to face off with a dangerous opponent that he wont have an answer for. Also on the card is Minnesota’s own Joey “Minnesota Ice” Abell 31(29)-9 vs Wes Nofire 19(15)-0. You can watch all the action on FS1 on Premier Boxing Champions at 9pm E or get yourself a ticket and watch the fights live at Black Bear Casino, Carlton, MN.  Either way don’t miss this talented card of boxers. #TheTruthHasSpoken


After Fight follow up: The fight started with Gassiev stalking Shimmell, as Shimmell moved around throwing good combinations looking relaxed, Gassiev just waited for Shimmell to feel comfortable with only seconds left in the first round, he threw a right hand that just missed Shimmell’s chin but followed it with a left hook that landed hard, snapping Jordan’s head from one side to the other and then dropping his body to the canvas. It was a vicious knockout, he was out cold.  Several minutes passed before there was movement, the crowd looked on in horror. Finally Jordan got up and walked over to Gassiev and shook his hand and hugged him. It was nice to see that Jordan Shimmell was okay, it was a scary moment for his fans and boxing fans in general. You have to respect him for getting in the ring with a dangerous opponent, but in boxing, every opponent is dangerous, one punch can change, a fight or a life. following is the link to watch the fight and see a candidate for knock out of the year on Premier Boxing Champions #TheTruthHasSpoken


Shimmell KO’d by Gassiev in the 1st Rd.