Fight Videos

Click on the name of the fight you want to watch. 

Shannon Briggs vs Francisco Mireles

Al Sands vs Harley Kilfian II

Johnny Garcia vs Gilbert Venegas

Ismail Muwendo vs Carlos Fulgencio

Al Sands vs Bobby Thomas

Gary Eyer vs Blake Franklin

Ricky Smith vs Rondale Hubbert

Al Sands vs Henry Namauu

Markus Morris vs Andre Tieva

Al Sands vs Lucas St. Claire

Cerresso Fort vs Marcus Upshaw II

Corey Rodriguez vs Damion Hill

Rondale Hubbert vs Jacob Fox

Al Sands vs Justin Howes

Al Sands vs Keith Barr

Markus Morris vs Kou Lee

Dustin Mason vs Jacob Fox

Tony Lee vs Robbie Cannon

Charles Meier vs Stephen Watt

Don Tierney vs Dan Kiser

Markus Morris vs Jeremy Marts

Gary Eyer vs David LaQue

Markus Morris vs Ryan Gronvold

Marcus D’Auria vs Santiago Mendoza (Amateur)

Kou Lee vs Duarnado Vue

Al Sands vs Chris Thomas

Gary Eyer vs Robbie Cannon


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