Throw Down at the Bear


This card has a great line up of talent, if you haven’t seen a boxing match live before, you don’t know what you are missing. The lights go down low, the music starts to play loud, you feel the electricity in the air, the boos and cheers go through your bones, your body gets tight, then hot, you start to sweat,  before you know it, your yelling and cheering for boxers you don’t even know and then you feel like your in the ring fighting with them your adrenaline is pumping so fast and then before you know it the lights come on and it is over. There isn’t another feeling like it. So if you haven’t experienced this, support your local boxers and others that have trained just as hard and traveled from various states to be at Black Bear Casino, Carlton, MN on November 12, 2016. Jason Litzau will return to the ring after a year layoff, to show that the American Boy still has what it takes to be on top in the Main Event. Markus “Hooch” Morris also known as the Hope of the Hillside has finally earned his shot. He will be fighting for the vacant Jr. Welterweight Minnesota State title against a very slick and crafty boxer, Jeremy McLaurin. Al  “The Haitian Temptation” Sands will step up once again against a crafty veteran who has been in the ring with some impressive boxers such as Heavyweight Champion of the World Deontay Wilder. Also on this card are some action packed boxers that never seem to disappoint, Delorian Caraway, Matt Murphy, Gilbert Venegas, Ramiro Hernandez and others. You are sure to get your monies worth of blood, sweat and maybe even a few tears, so come out to the Throw down at the Bear, I promise you, you won’t ever forget this night. #TheTruthHasSpoken

Interview with Markus “Hooch” Morris BWTT


Boxers Fighting to get Noticed

Well this week has a lot of boxing going on, but for the State of Minnesota it is being represented by some of its prospects and its other talented boxers.

Jungle Boy Gym training Apr 12, 2012 086


January 19th welterweight prospect Jamal “Shango” James 19(9)-0 faced his toughest opponent yet on Premiere Boxing Champions Tuesday Night Fights on FoxSports1. Javier Molina who is a former Olympian, came to beat James, but just couldn’t figure him out, and looked frustrated for 10 rounds. Jamal James won a Unanimous Decision.

January 22, 2016 Middleweight prospect Robert “Bravo” Brant 18(11)-0 will be stepping up his competition and taking on Decarlo Perez 15-3-1 for the vacant WBA-NABA Middleweight title on ShoBox on Showtime . He is coming off of a victory over Louis Rose 13-3-1, where he won the WBC Continental Americas Middleweight Title.

Also on January 22, there is a boxing card stacked with Minnesota talent at the Grand Casino, Hinkley, MN. The Main Event will feature Antonio Johnson 11(6)1-1 vs Mohammed Kayongo 18(13)4-1 for the USA Minnesota State Super Welterweight Title, and other talent on the card will be Heavyweight Aaron Green 16-0, Cruiserweight Al Sands 15-2, Middleweight Andy Kolle 26-4, Super Lightweight Winston Anderson 4-1, Super Lightweight Nate Rubin 2-0-1, Heavyweight Van Goodman 4-5-2 and outstanding amateur boxer Ryan Watson will be making his professional debut.

January 23, 2016 will wrap up the week of great talent from Minnesota boxers when two boxers will enter the ring for the last time. This will be a retirement fight for both great warriors.  Minnesota’s own veteran boxer Super middleweight Anthony “The Bullet” Bosante 34-12-3 will face off against the boxing legend Ramon Luis “Yori Boy” Campas, 105-17-3 this Main event fight will be a 10 round slug-fest, these two boxers have fought to many warriors in their careers to not know all the tricks, it will be heart, sweat and mental toughness that wins this fight, it will take place at the Civic Center in Butte, Montana, Yori Boy’s home state. You can watch this fight and the rest of the card Battle of the Ages,  live on the internet at the following link below for $14.99 Battle of the Ages.

Keep your eyes open, for some of these names  because Minnesota boxers are making people stand up and take notice. #TheTruthHasSpoken