Watch out for The Iceman


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I just recently spoke with a fresh new face in professional boxing a young hot prospect named Malik “The Iceman” Hawkins, 6-0. He fights at super welterweight out of Baltimore, Maryland and was recently signed by Greg Cohen Promotions. He is a very humble kid, he likes to play videos games, play basketball, volunteer his time when he can and train hard in the gym. He comes from a martial arts background, his uncle is a grand master and his father is a 9th degree black belt, he attempted to follow in their footsteps but it just wasn’t for him, so he thought he would try the boxing gym and fell in love with the sport. He has a good group of people around him to help him succeed. Head Trainer Calvin Ford, assistant trainer Kenny Ellis and his manager Snapper. These are the three main people that keep him focused  and on the right path, but he also has Gervonta Davis who is another young prospect that he grew up with in the same neighborhood to look up to. Gervonta is a super featherweight out of the same gym and is rising fast in this sport with a record of 14-0. Malik made his national televised debut fighting on CBS Sports Network days after our interview on February 19th, 2016 and came away with a first round knock out. If you are a die hard boxing fan and always look for the new blood in this sport keep your eyes on the Iceman, because I think we will be seeing a lot more of him. If you want to learn more about him click on the link below and listen to the interview I did with him. #TheTruthHasSpoken

Malik Hawkins “Pursuing the Dream”BWTT


The People’s Champion


10/30/02–WARD, MICKEY–TEWKSBURY–Mickey Ward works out at the World Gym with his trainer Dicky Eklund and his son, Sean Eklund, for his upcoming Million Dollar fight. (Photo by Sandy Hill)/Digital image

I had the honor last week to talk with my all time favorite boxer “Irish” Micky Ward. I felt like a little kid meeting his favorite athlete for the first time. Even know I didn’t get to meet him in person, speaking with him on the phone was the next best thing. I had been trying to arrange this interview for several months and was starting to think it would never happen, but it did. When he first answered the phone, I couldn’t believe this was really Micky Ward, the guy I had grown up watching in war after war in the ring, being counted out numerous times before the fight was even over only to come back in the later rounds and land that left hook to the body and change everything. Most fans idolize a World champion but to me just because you have a world belt doesn’t always mean you are the best, boxing is a funny sport if you can make your way past certain boxers and avoid others you can get a title shot, but that doesn’t always mean you fought the best, it just means you beat the guy with the belt. To me Micky Ward will always be a champion the people’s champion, because he didn’t have the biggest promoters, or the most skilled trainers or the big contract. He had his family. He brother and his mother always pushing him to be the best. He fought everyone they put in front of him and left it all in the ring. Micky Ward is the true definition of what a fighter is. His trilogy with Arturo Gatti is one of the best if not the best trilogy you will see in boxing, by a guy that never one a world title. If you want to learn more about Micky Ward, his relationship with Arturo Gatti, Why he didn’t fight Ivan Robinson and what he has been doing since he retired 13 years ago, click on the link below to listen to the interview I did with him. #TheTruthHasSpoken

Micky Ward “The People’s Champion”BWTT


Get out of the Dark Ages


I just recently spoke with undefeated female boxer Heather “The Heat” Hardy  15-0, about how she got involved in the sport of boxing, what needs to change in boxing for the female boxers and a possible fight with Shelly Vincent.  If your not aware the female boxers go to the same gym, they do the same workouts and they do the same type of sparring and some even spar with the male boxers. But at the end of the day they don’t get the same respect, they only get a third of what the male boxers get paid to box and they don’t get their fights aired on national television. The big question is why? Well basically because you have old school businessmen that run the networks that don’t want to see women fighting on television and don’t think they are worth the money to pay, they only care about  getting good ratings and making  money, it’s all about the money. There has been successful women in the sport of boxing for a long time, but the average boxing fan has never heard of them or seen them fight. This has to change, get out of the dark ages. There are promoters out there like Lou Di Bella who have taken the risk and signed female boxers like Heather Hardy and Shelly Vincent, but one guy can’t change it all, more people in this sport need to step up and do something about this. They have earned the right to be on television and to be paid a fair amount. They bleed and sweat the same.

Shelly Vincent has been talking trash and calling out Heather Hardy for about three years, well  until recently the fight didn’t make since and they had two different promoters so the fight wasn’t going to happen. Now that they are both signed by Lou Di Bella the fight can happen and should happen, but Lou and both ladies want it to take place on a national network and that is where the problem starts. There seems to be this glass ceiling for women boxers no matter what they do to promote themselves or how hard they fight, no one wants to put them on a televised card. I think this is an outrage. One of these networks I hope will step up and put this fight on their card sometime this year and make it for a world title. Women’s boxing deserves this, the hardcore fans deserve this and these two ladies have earned this. If the UFC and Dana White can make it work, boxing can make it work. Well if you would like to hear what Heather Hardy has to say about this fight and how she feels about Shelly Vincent click on the link below to listen to my interview with her and there will be an interview next month with Shelly Vincent. #TheTruthHasSpoken

Heather Hardy “Going to Shut her Up”BWTT


WBO World Super Lightweight Title Fight


In two days Hammerin’ Hank Lundy is getting the shot he has been waiting for his entire career. He has fought for various other titles, but never for a world title, the ultimate prize to professional boxer. Growing up in Philadelphia, even the crackheads know how to fight according to Hank Lundy.  Philadelphia has earned a reputation over the years of producing world champions, and boxers that have heart, mental toughness and will either rise to the top or will go down swinging. Hank Lundy is no different, he talks a great game but he is willing to back it up as well. He takes on tough opponents and isn’t trying to build a padded record, he wants the best out there. He knows getting into that ring on February 27th against the world champion Terence Crawford won’t be a walk in the park, but he believes he has fought the tougher opponents, he doesn’t think Terence Crawford has ever felt power like he possesses and he knows he is the faster fighter. He actually thinks Terence Crawford is a paper champion and he guarantees his hand will be raised with the WBO World Super Lightweight belt in his hand at the end of the fight. To hear what else Hank Lundy had to say about this fight and Terence Crawford, click on the link below to listen to the interview I did with him on February 13, 2016.

Hank Lundy “You are a Paper Champion”BWTT


Climbing the Mountain

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I recently talked with welterweight prospect Sammy Vasquez Jr. about his past, present and future. We started at the beginning with him telling me how he found boxing at 9 years old, when he was being picked on and his dad took him to a gym. Since then he fought in over 200 amateur fights, has won numerous awards as well as boxed in the Armed Forces and earned a professional record of 21(15)-0. He has not only fought in the ring but he has fought for our country for 8 years and served two tours of duty in Iraq. Unfortunately he has Post Dramatic Stress Disorder because of it, but he talks about how he lives with it everyday and how other’s can learn how to deal with it like he has. He is a very humble and down to Earth guy, and honest about his abilities and how he plans to use them to earn a title shot. He talks about his goals in boxing and after and one of them is to climb Mount Everest. Also, we talked about a few possible future opponents in the welterweight division. If you would like to listen to the rest of his interview please click on the link below. #TheTruthHasSpoken

Sammy Vasquez Jr. “Climbing the Mountain”


I am Back and Focused

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Lightweight Ty Barnett from Washington, D.C. today, to talk with him about his year and half layoff from the ring and his upcoming fight on February 27, 2016. He will be facing “The Prophet” Daniel Attah 28-21-1 a southpaw boxer who comes to fight but has lost his last 8 fights. This is a tune up fight for Ty to shake off the rust and get back on the road to a world title shot. He has boxing in his blood, his father and uncles were amateur boxers, but none of them made it to the level he has reached. He continues to work hard and is back with his original team. With the influences of Andre Ward and Adrein Broner in the back of his mind he plans on reaching the top. If you want to listen to his interview he did with Boxing with the Truth please click on the link below. #TheTruthHasSpoken

Ty Barnett “I am Back” BWTT


The Heart of a Champion

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I had the pleasure of talking to Light Heavyweight “Irish” Sean Monaghan today, and he is a very likable and down to earth guy. It’s hard to believe that his path to the ring, started as a street fighter, winning most of his earlier fights in someone’s bar. This could of been a guy, that could of been sitting in a jail cell with his future looking pretty grim. As luck would have it, a friend of his brought him to a gym one day, but unfortunately that gym shut down not to long after and that was almost the end before the beginning, until one day a bar owner of a bar that he had previously fought in years earlier had come knocking on his door to talk with him about going back to a gym and resuming the sport of boxing, a sport at one time, he never gave a second thought of pursuing.  He had 15 amateur fights before he turned professional and now he walks into the ring with an undefeated record of 26(16)-0. His respect for the trainer that has changed his future is undeniable, Joe Higgins is definitely a huge part of why he is where he is today, you can hear it in his voice when he talks about him. He calls him a hero. He has a brawler, boxer style and doesn’t fight backing up, even if he is ahead in the fight, he will stand and bang, because that is what he loves to do, Fight! If you get a chance to watch him in person or on television take the opportunity, because you could see something special. He hopes someday to get a shot at the World Title and he is about to take a big step up in his career so watch out for “Irish” Sean Monaghan. if you want to hear more about him, please click the link below. #TheTruthHasSpoken

Sean Monaghan “The Heart of a Champion” BWTT